Life Coaching focuses on helping individuals meet challenges and achieve their goals through a direct and motivational approach. Life coaching draws upon a variety of strategies from other disciplines such as psychology, psychotherapy, addiction counseling, sociology, human wellness. Individuals that are struggling with finding direction in their lives, and are having difficulty attaining their goals are perfect for Life Coaching. 
Life Coaching is also a great fit for those that have little time to attend traditional therapy sessions. Life Coaching can be conducted over the phone and the length of sessions can be adjusted. Some common issues that people come to Higher Ground Consulting wanting help with includes:
Anxiety Issues, Depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Procrastination, Anger/Conflict, Family Relationship Problems, Stress, Personal Growth, Men’s Issues, Grief/Loss, Parenting, Mediation and Abuse Issues

Families coping with Addiction


The Higher Ground approach to addiction focuses on a family-based and life coaching approach. A huge gap in addiction services is the lack of therapeutic services to family members of a person with addiction. In addition, many individuals coming out of treatment also find themselves with almost little or no support. The lack of family understanding and healthy support combined with lack of other support after treatment completion are two of the biggest predictors of addiction relapse. The Higher Ground Approach works with families to create healthy boundaries and communication. The approach also focuses on helping individuals coming out of treatment with addiction support to maintain sobriety and healthy personal growth strategies. 


A focus of Higher Ground Consulting is to provide education and support to Organizations and the community. A focus of Higher Ground is providing presentations on various topics of mental health and addiction. Business, Professional Organizations, Volunteer Organizations and various groups can benefit from information provided. Presentation Topics include: 

Procrastination                                Relationships
Conflict Management                      ADHD & Executive Dysfunction
Stress                                              Parenting
Grief/Loss                                        Corrective Thinking
Addiction                                          Living with Narcissists           
Crisis Management                          Personal Growth
Anger Management                          Men's Issues
Negative Thinking


Trainings are also available for stress management, anger, communication/conflict resolution, addiction, and mental wellness. The training process often involves in depth discussions and strategic planning that goes beyond the typical presentation. The training process also may include more than one content session depending upon the training topic.


Reflecting Forth Program

Higher Ground Consulting and Krave Branding have teamed up to create a new program called Reflecting Forth. Reflecting Forth is a unique
business concept designed to help individuals with aspects of stress and grief following the loss of a loved one. Many decisions have to be made after the death of a loved one. Individuals tend to feel overwhelmed with stress and emotions over their loss, and yet they have to make multiple decisions about how to celebrate the life of the person they have lost. Part of the Reflecting Forth concept is to work with the bereaved to design customized materials for the funeral service that accentuates the essence of the honored person’s life.

The Reflecting Forth concept also focuses on helping individuals address their grief and coping ability with the loss they have experienced. Grieving is a natural and difficult process to navigate, and many people try to avoid this important process. That is where Grief Coaching can help with the difficult period following the passing of a family member or friend.